There is nothing subliminal to this. We will just talk about boobies. Ok, I will talk about boobies. Do you know what constitutes a boobs exposure? It's the nipples. The ladies could go as low as they would like to with their dresses and show as much cleavage as they please. The V-collars could extend all the way down to the bellies if they like and expose a hearty bunch of breast cheeks. But once a nipple shows, it's boobs exposure already. And in a motion picture, this will be considered a rated-R film already. Have you ever thought of that? It's like the nipples are the focal point and center of attraction of breasts, and thus also a defining point of nakedness. Never mind the silicon boosters that elongates the cleavage line.

Now I wonder why the guys could expose their nipples just like that without any malice. Maybe it's just about culture. But that's not my point. This is just a side thought.

Point is, in our contemporary culture where nipples exposure for women is seen as malicious, I wonder why the ladies find it okay that their nipples show in tight-fit outfits. I mean, how easy is it to put on some pads and cover the dots? It's just a tad discomfiting lately, because a lot of lady players in Wimbledon could care less about these unsightly thingies. And I'll be damned if not half of the male population stare, much less, notice them.

Ah, it's not that bothersome. I would not even brand it as indecent if that's really how it is with some girls. Who am I to argue? I'm way behind the rest of the pack, just beginning to learn how to put on some eyeshadow.
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