Something Good from Milenyo

The recent typhoon Milenyo made us all crawl in darkness for three days. After the strong winds passed, we were left with no electricity, no water, no phone lines and cell signals. In our house, that meant no air conditioners, cold showers in the morning, no PCs, no internet connection, no cable TV, no radio and no text messages coming in that totally disconnected me from the world outside. I had no idea if my friends were in the same predicament or if ours was an isolated case. The regular Saturday EBs proceeded smoothly while I thought the games were cancelled all along. At night, we wrestled with stale air in our sleep. It was a rare moment of envy for those sleeping peacefully in open air on the sidewalks while we were constantly awakened by the heat. Although we have a generator, it was turned off by midnight. We were only turning it on earlier in the day, mainly to keep my bro's fishes alive. During these times of temporary power, we would all scamper to the nearest sockets to recharge lamps and cellular phones. With no cell signal however, my phone became as useful as a calculator and sudoku game only.

If the typhoon did any good, it is that I read that it washed out the mosquitoes carrying the dengue virus. In our house, we closed shop for two days. And that very pleasant change in my routine is something I welcome and actually look forward to every time. I was able to wake up late again with no pressure, and lazed around all day. In the evenings, it's funny to think that we were likened to chicks forced to huddle in a room lighted by a small bulb that is powered by a car battery. We dug up on two old word games, Boggle and Upwords, both of which are better alternatives to the online Literati game if only because any word that's approved by the majority is deemed a valid move. And so the ladies played (read: conjured all sorts of unthinkable words) while silently wishing for power and water to come back and make our lives normal again. But that temporary fit of abnormality is also something that the typhoon did good, don't you think so? And now, finally, it's back to your regular programming. :)
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