Doing Myself

Green-minded peeps, get outta here.

Technically speaking, I'm still 29. One of the things I'm proud to have accomplished (before turning 30!) is learning how to do myself, that is, learning how to apply makeup on my pretty face :) I learned it last night! It was a crash course really, thanks to my mommy friend who helped me live through my coming Saturday ordeal. I'm going to have to attend my friend's wedding, and my trusty mom has left me helpless here while she vacations in the high lands of Scandinavia. My mom's been my makeup artist ever since I can remember. It was only last week when she left for abroad did I realize that I finally have to learn to color my face alone.

Here came my mommy friend to the rescue! She definitely helped me save a few hundred pesos this coming Saturday. Before playing badminton last night, we had our makeup session in the comfort room where she taught me the basics (not without laughing at my incompetence, hmp). It was pretty easy really. She even taught me a few tricks on how to play with eye shadows to highlight my beautiful eyes. For the nth time also, she bugged me to go to a salon so they could fix my virgin eyebrows. I'm not sure if I will have the guts to do this before Saturday though. The more important thing now is to be able to make myself look presentable for the occasion.

My bro's gf has gifted me with a mascara just two days ago, and I feel that it completes the works! I've been practicing on how to apply it on my eyelashes and it looks like I've been doing a decent job about it. So you see, I think there's nothing to worry about anymore. It just takes a dab of foundation here and there, a few smart strokes of blush on my cheeks, a little trick with eyeshadows, paint lipstick on my lips and seal it with a smack.

I feel my worries are ebbing a little bit now. I'll be fine without my mom. The late bloomer is coming out of her shell. Hahaha! Yeah right!
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