Flower Power

I received flowers again, woohoo! On the record, the flowers were for no occasion. But off the record, well let’s keep this part hush hush. It’s so lame really, when I come to think of it. How could flowers just change a mood all of a sudden, from being deliberately silent and indifferent to being all-smiles. Sometimes I think men could play with women’s emotions very easily by just popping flowers here and there when the occasion calls for it. While we, women, still long for words, we could be appeased just like that at the sight of a bunch of assorted stemmed poppies tied together in ribbons. Is it the appeal that these bouquets generally have on women, or is it the idea itself of being thought of that wipes out the sullen mood? It sometimes becomes so mechanical for men already. They get used to taking the easier, more comfortable route because they are being tolerated for it. I’m not complaining. I started loving flowers ever since I’ve been receiving them more often than usual (har har!). I used to find it corny and a waste of money, but maybe I’m becoming more appreciative now. It’s much more than just the materiality of the flowers that’s bound to wilt in a week’s time. It’s a good mix of being the right man who gives, holding the perfect lovely bouquet in crispy wraps, and then topping it off with no occasion to brighten up the pretty lady’s spirits.

Did I say lame a while ago? Of course it isn’t! But hey! It doesn’t change things, you know! He doesn’t get off the hook that easily! When these flowers wither, we’ll talk. And he must be ready with some ice cream this time. Cookies n’ cream please.
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