Encephalic! It’s practically a new word to my ears. I know what stupid or brainless is, but encephalic? Apparently, it means pertaining to the brain. It doesn’t say anything about being stupid, but the big, fat man who shouted it for the whole world to hear, meant it in a very derogative way. I would have felt very smart to correct him and say that it should more appropriately be "unencephalic" to mean “no brain.” But as he was standing inches away from me, with piercing eyes and scary sagging cheeks, I couldn’t even manage to look at him.

My mom and I were barely seated and browsing the menu when this man upstaged the rote and monotonous Japanese greetings of the waiters. He was ugly. He looked like Hagrid with a shorter beard. The next thing I saw, the waiters were circled around a small trash bin and sorting out trash.

This man dined in the restaurant before catching a last full show. But for some encephalic reasons, his movie ticket was not in his pocket, bag or wallet. It was on top of the table. After eating, he walks off while the waiters mechanically cleaned his leftovers and used tissues.

Along with the movie ticket.

The outrage he displayed was simply super exaggerated. He disturbed everyone dining in that small restaurant. And he blurted out all this demeaning remarks to the staff. To everyone but himself.

You know what they say. The stupidest man is one who does not realize he is one.
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