My Artistic Sister

My sister has been cartooning (drawing cartoons) ever since I can remember. However, back in our elementary and high school days, our mom had to prioritize our studies, and my sister's drawing desires had to take a backseat.

I remember how fondly she would draw cartoons, her hands moving in quick and accurate strokes on her sketchpad. But in all those times, her drawings will be hidden under her bed instead of being flaunted for display.

In school, her cartoons will be regular fixtures in the blackboard as designs during the quarterly parent-teacher association (PTA) meetings. During these meetings, it will not be unusual for the teachers to rave about her artworks to my parents instead of talking about her academic performance (hahaha!). But it does not mean though that she was performing weakly in school. Suffice it to say that we were both achievers then. ;-)

Anyways, time went by in lightning speed. And as we entered college, for varied reasons, my sister lost her interest in drawing. Soon enough, we were immersed in our own personal pursuits and thriving to establish our careers.

It has been more than a decade now, and then she suddenly comes up to me to say that she wants to revive her first love. She wants to start drawing again. The idea is simply rad! And thus, I give her the go, go, go signal. :)

I believe in her talent. With practically very little formal training, she can draw cartoons like a pro. You can view her artworks HERE.

Visit her site regularly as she will be constantly updating it. :)
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