Globe Run for Home Race Results!

Results are already in for the recently concluded and highly successful Globe Run for Home event! It was held last Sunday (July 19, 2009) at The Fort. I was eager for the Globe race results to come out as I was very curious of the electronic chip technology used for the first time here in the country. And wow, the results truly did not disappoint! It's the most hi tech and most detailed yet I've encountered. I am saying this only as a person who has not experienced joining running events from other countries yet. The many races I have joined here in Manila so far utilized very rudiment forms of tracking down individual race times. Think papers and pens, and the downpour of runners at the finish line. It simply spelled chaos.

Here's a sample of the electronic chip tied to our shoes:

Results can be viewed here. It is both very detailed and graphical. I'm posting my personal results for illustration:

Thus, personal information a finisher will find here are:

1) Official time
2) His overall ranking in his level (3km, 5km, 10km or 21km)
3) His overall ranking according to gender in his level
4) His overall ranking according to age division in his level
5) Average speed in the race in terms of kilometers per hour (kph) and miles per hour (mph)
6) A bird's eye view of the runner at the finish line. When you hover your mouse on the dots, the racer's names will appear. You will see how many seconds they were ahead or behind you.

Additionally, you will also find a location map to visualize where you were on the race route when the winner finished. I wasn't even halfway when the winner in the 5km division finished in 16 minutes, LOL! You may also enter another person's name and the map will show how many kilometers apart you were in the race. All these are totally new to me! These are such useful information that made me appreciate running more.

Globe Run for Home excelled and stood out in many ways. I am most particular with the official time. Thanks to the electronic chip device, Globe Run for Home has so far produced the most accurate time for the participants. It has always been an issue that at the thick of the thousand runners at the starting line, it is impossible for everyone to be able to run immediately. There is a special concern for those at the back who had to walk a few minutes first to reach the starting point. Fortunately, for Globe Run for Home, there are two different sets of time given. First is the gun time that clocks a person immediately after the gun has been fired. Second is the chip time, or that which starts only after a runner has stepped on the starting line already. In my case (as seen in the photos above), I had 3 minutes delay of walking to the starting line after the gun has been fired.

And the best perk is, there are free pictures that runners can download at Just enter your race bib numbers to check. Kudos! This is definitely one of the most organized races I've joined. The only setback for me is, I never received the prepaid loads promised to me after registering.
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