You're the 1, Goldilocks!


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It was one ordinary night after a good workout at the gym when my sister and I headed out to dinner. We were like Hansel and Gretel following a trail of crumbs that will lead us to the most sumptuous treat after a strenuous exercise. There were of course no actual crumbs but our feet knew exactly where to take us. The thousand steps to take only seemed like a short distance before the bright and yellow signboard warmly greeted us to come inside.

My sister and I practically grew up here in Goldilocks Bakeshop. As children, our dear mom would buy us our favorite mocha mamon, polvorons, yemas and chocolate cake rolls from Goldilocks. It would be our baon in school or merienda while studying.

We would also dine in the clean and roomy confines of the establishment. My family would use this time to share among each other the events that transpired in our day while we feast on palabok, lumpia, dinuguan and puto. It was here that we would listen to our parents tell us fairytale stories and make them real before our eyes.

The bakeshop conjured its trade name from Goldilocks and the Three Bears. Early on, my sister and I have learned that we can be like that cute and famous girl with yellow curls. We have to try out all our options first in life before we can really say to ourselves that "This is just right!"

Our regular mealtimes here also paved way for other simple yet important life lessons. Our parents taught us it is not good to lie. Our noses will not grow long like Pinocchio, but we taint our faces nonetheless in the eyes of other people who trusted us.

My sister and I were taught to hope. Life will not always be easy but we have to be as strong as Cinderella to realize that someday we will emerge triumphant in our ordeals and struggles. We could let our hairs down like Rapunzel but we should still be in full control of our lives. We might be like Sleeping Beauty tricked to a deep sleep but soon we have to open our eyes again, learn from our mistakes and move on.

Today as adults, my sister and I thank our parents for letting us know that fairytales are real in our own lives. And thus, we continue to craft our own stories in Goldilocks Bakeshop. Customers here are like papa bear, mama bear and baby bear who have different tastes and preferences but who all find a common liking in the food and baked products offered. Whenever we visit, we are presented with various options to suit our ever changing moods. This is because Goldilocks Bakeshop embraces everyone’s needs. No one is left behind like an ugly duckling.

So for this night, my sister went for sweet and sour meatballs. The famous quip of the curly yellowed hair girl rings in her ears. It was neither too sweet nor too sour for her delicate tastes. The sauce was very flavorful, not too watery or thick. It was a fairly large serving of four pieces of meatballs that were just enough to consume for the night. It was just right!

I, on the other hand, decided that I will have their sotanghon noodles, one of my favorite Filipino foods. I was in for a special treat indeed. My dish was generously topped with shredded scrambled eggs, slices of carrots and crunchy cabbages. It was definitely just right for my palettes!

We finished our meals and then indulged in the sweetness of chocolate cappuccino mousse to fittingly end our night. The smooth and thick chocolate topping looked really inviting and tasted even better. Rich cappuccino icing blended well in between the layers of chocolate sponge cake. Each forkful melted sinfully in our tongues. The modern Snow Whites in us found it very irresistible! It was just right!

My sister and I had our fills in a matter of a few minutes and pesos only. Every bite reminded us why our feet lead us each time to the doorsteps of this ingenious Filipino bakeshop. It was just right! Through the years it has continually been a home where we could continue writing our life stories.

You're the 1, Goldilocks because you make fairytales come true! It is where no other could heartily satisfy our stomachs and make our personal stories more colorful each time. Because even as adults we still hold on to the fantasies of our childhood. And Goldilocks Bakeshop makes it possible for us to continue believing in these tales and make them real in our personal life journey.

Goldilocks inspires us to continue exploring opportunities outside that will make us better persons. Tomorrow is another day and we will continue to add more chapters in our books.

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