Cory Aquino Dies at 76


I was woken up to the news that former Philippine President Corazon Aquino passed away. It still came as a shock to me although it was somehow expected already. For the past week, she was being heavily sedated with painkillers to make sure that her last few moments were made very comfortable to her, albeit silent in her sleep. She finally breathed her last while the family was praying around her at 3:18AM of August 1, 2009. It was the perfect way everyone knew she would have liked to finally join her Creator.

Cory, as she is more known, is one political figure I have seen and followed since I was young. I am lucky I got to live in her lifetime as compared to others who will only be able to read about her greatness in the history books. Hers was a very colorful life. She touched the lives of so many people around the world.

Cory in all her seeming frailty and innocence in the political arena stirred the Filipino nation without a blink of an eye to rouse reforms, end the 20-year dictatorial rule of the Marcoses and finally restore democracy in our land. No other woman could have been that influential. Deciding to run for president in the snap elections was the most selfless action she ever did for our country, never mind if she was very inexperienced. Her administration may have suffered many criticisms and had the most number of coup attempts but no one could destroy her courage, pure heart and desire to serve the Philippines. She remained unflinching to the very end of her term.

Cory Aquino was deeply admired throughout the world. She inspired non-violent means of protests. But more than this, I will always look up to Cory as a mother. Youngest daughter Kris Aquino made a lot of weak decisions that Cory may not have necessarily agreed with, but Cory showed her undying support through and through. It is always etched in my mind that scene wherein Cory embraced Kris after the latter faced the public to admit she acquired STD.

The Filipinos now mourn the passing of a great icon. Up to her last breath, the assassination of her husband Ninoy Aquino remains a mystery. But for Cory, it probably doesn’t matter anymore as she is now reunited with him once again after a very long wait.

I wonder who she would have endorsed for the presidential elections next year. We’ll never know now. But it’s certain she would advise the Filipinos to pray for clean elections and to let our consciences rule our choices.

Rest in peace, Tita Cory.

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