How Old is Old?


Shie tagged me so I'm answering this question. It's quite tricky because for me every one of us is old. But our oldness is relative and basically measured in our years of existence so far. The youngsters may be one-year old, ten-years old or fifteen-years old. A one-year old baby is old enough to respond to his parents' voice and begin crawling. A ten-year old is old enough to read, write, and sweep the floor. A fifteen-year old is old enough to cross the street and formulate his own opinions.

They say wisdom comes with age. But from my point of view, each one of us, no matter how old we are, is wise for our age. In fact, we will often be amazed at how children will answer our questions wittingly. They have inquisitive minds that reveal wisdom for their age.

Oldness is not fixated to a time frame or age bracket. It is neither based on greying hair, wobbling knees or poor eyesight. It's something progressive that all of us go through and experience in our lifetime.

So how old is old? For me, with no intention to be sarcastic about it, just state your age plainly and that's it.

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I'm tagging Yuuki-Chan, snwqueen, Jacqueline, Tey and Mizhelle.
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