Kim Clijsters is Back! (US Open 2009)


Just the fact that she beat Venus Williams in the 4th round in her comeback in the US Open 2009 is enough to make me and the rest of her fans happy! Venus Williams is still Venus Williams. After her two and a half years of hiatus, it's very pleasant to see Kim Clijsters still holding on to her form, with big serves and ground strokes. And ousting Venus in the 3rd round is definitely a good way to mark a comeback.

I suddenly miss Justin Henin, and those days when she and Clijsters were topping their ranks. There are a lot of fresh faces in the US Open this year displaying their mettle in court. They are definitely younger and less experienced yet outclassing some of the more formidable players like Sharapova, Safina and Zvonareva. Somehow, Clijster's victories so far become sweeter as she proves to them that she has not lost her touch in tennis. Clijsters meeting Serena Williams in the finals is not unlikely. But no matter how far she goes, she has already made a statement early on. She's back! Clijsters is back! Hope she stays around for a while longer.
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