Does Friday the 13th Bring Bad Luck?

Does Friday the 13th bring bad luck?

I texted him first thing in the morning to prepare for a hot lovin' date. I didn't believe that bad luck encircles a Friday the 13th. I dressed up chicer than usual to prep up for the night. We will have dinner together then watch Law Abiding Citizen. Rendezvous was slated in Trinoma. I was warned early on that the mall was holding a mall-wide sale but I didn't mind. True enough, as I stepped foot on the entrance, I was immediately greeted with a large crowd. And I hate crowds! I knew then I was ushered in to the first string of bad lucks that will continue so for the rest of the night.

I went up to the theaters and was met with very long and winding queues. Three theaters were initially allotted for the 2012 movie but the seats were filling up fast.Then I learned that the Law Abiding Citizen was scrapped to give room for a fourth theater for the 2012 movie. Sucks.

I wouldn't be beaten by the jinx that Friday the 13th supposedly brings. We transferred to nearby SM The Block instead. But lo and behold, the line to the ticket counter was so long it was almost spilling to the exit doors. We made our way to the old building where the rest of the theaters are located. Surely, the ticket lines there should be shorter. Indeed, when we got there, the lines were not only shorter, but there were no lines at all. Apparently, the electricity in the mall was busted and the regular movie screening had to be stopped. The escalators were also shut off due to electricity disruption. We had to climb up and down several escalators turned stairs instead.

We would have gone window shopping instead but the stores were closing earlier than usual also because of the brownout. We were gradually feeling the heat also as the air-conditioners were turned off. Shoppers were heading to the exit one by one. Our last recourse was just to have dinner as we were really hungry already by that time.

At the very least, my stomach was filled with chicken and spaghetti from Peri-Peri. But I went home with sore thighs and feet, and a bag of frustration.

Does Friday the 13th really bring bad luck? Maybe so.
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