Ara Mina for QC Councilor. What a Big Joke!


I’m not judging showbiz personalities in general. I’m just judging Ara Mina!! There are many showbiz personalities turned politicians out there who were able to somehow prove to the public that they are worthy of the people’s votes and that they are serious about their jobs. Take Vilma Santos for example. I really think she made a big difference in Batangas. But Ara Mina? She’s a totally different issue. Judging from this short interview by Mo Twister, Ara Mina revealed a bombshell about herself, a big explosion that will make her chest diminutive in comparison.

Someone needs to talk some sense into Ara Mina’s head. Given the benefit of the doubt that she has the best intentions, how far could her good heart go to lead her constituents? Ara Mina for QC Councilor is one big joke. Wake up, Ara. This is not showbiz anymore. This is not acting with a series of takes at your disposal to perfect your scene. This is real life with real people dealing with serious issues. Here, you cannot buy your way by having a deep cleavage and bouncing pair. Good heavens, they will need much more than that.

The residents of QC WILL NOT accept excuses like “I was always out so I did not have time to watch the news on TV,” or “I get depressed watching the news.” Please save the little respect people have of you. Go back to peeling off clothes behind the reel and leave QC governance to more capable hands. You shame not only your father, Chuck Mathay, but also your intelligent colleagues in showbiz.

Ara Mina is running for QC councilor, second district. Though I live in the first district, I’m still very bothered. I’m bothered because I know Ara Mina has good chances of winning not only for her popularity but also because of her physical endowments. I’m bothered because this is just the second district of Quezon City we’re talking about. What more on the national level? Who will the majority vote for senators, vice president and president?

If Ara Mina still wins a councilor seat even after the proliferation of this video, heaven forbid, good luck to Quezon City.

Vote wisely, Filipinos! Change is in our hands.
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