Noynoy Aquino Becomes the 15th President of the Philippines


Two days to go before Noynoy Aquino is formally sworn in as the 15th president of the Philippines. I await yet another historic occasion in our land. Like most other Filipinos, I will not only look forward to the ceremonies but also watch out for some side scenes worthy of tabloid news. Will James Yap attend the inauguration after his estranged wife Kris Aquino admitted the end of their marriage? How will outgoing president Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo and incoming President Noynoy Aquino act on stage together? I heard that Mar Roxas will skip the rites. Will he change his mind and be visible on this day?

I have mixed feelings about Noynoy Aquino becoming president of the Philippines. I still do not believe that he is the best man to take on the reigns in leading this country. I still think that sympathy votes led him to where he is today. I still could not accept the fact that prior to his mother’s death he had no desire whatsoever to run for president. The sudden decision to heed the nation’s call to run for president after his mother’s death is still a flimsy reason in my opinion.

I am sure Noynoy has deeper reasons although I still do not buy the circumstances around his sudden candidacy. That being said, I believe in his integrity. In fact, I think that is his winning asset. I set aside my biases now and hope along with the rest of the Filipinos that major changes are about to happen. I do not believe that corruption is about to end. It is just impossible. But with Noynoy’s leadership, and if he keeps up to his promise, I hope that corruption will be significantly reduced in many areas of local and national governance.

Here’s hoping for the best in the next six years of the Philippines! Meanwhile, my television will be tuned in on the inauguration on June 30. It will be a grand showdown of Filipiniana dresses and Barong Tagalogs, a series of civil handshakes, occasional beso-besos, and obliging smiles.

In my own little cyberspace here, I congratulate Noynoy Aquino! I just know you will be a lot better than Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo. That is enough for a collective sigh of relief. We are watching you, Mr. President!
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