Few Laughs on Curfews and House Rules

I’m turning 27 on July and I find it suddenly amusing to look back on how I have not grown in my parents’ eyes. For one, I still have to deal with inconceivable 12mn-curfews until now. When normally my parents will get on my nerves everytime they raise a brow on my being such a rebellious, ungrateful daughter who will not follow the curfews, I figured I will just make light of these seeming absurdities, as well as the rest of the house rules imposed on me.

My parents, especially my mom, can be unbelievable oftentimes. I consider myself a proud survivor to some of the house rules imposed on me back when I was young(er):

1. Of course, on top of the list is the 12mn-curfew that’s still mandatory on me and my 28 year old sister. We have appealed to higher courts (my dad) who dismissed the case just as soon as we filed for an appeal.

2. Sleepovers are a no-no up to the time of this writing. Once in a while (read: once in 5 years), I will be allowed to out-of-town gimmicks with friends. But generally, sleepovers are equivalent to orgies and pot sessions. Back in my school days, my parents would not buy that we-have-a-group-project-to-cram kinda crap.

3. Soirees were also equal to orgies and pot sessions. Heck, who cared about boys anyways? I would rather stay home and sulk. But when I reached my 3rd year high, my mom had a twisted thought that I could be responsible enough for my actions. So there, I was granted a pass to attend my first soiree ever. And I began to care about boys hehehe.

4. I learned to drive at age 17. Oh, the joys of freedom! I had to be home by 5pm. And they laid out this simple map I had to follow so as not to get lost whenever I would go out to the real world. Home-school-home. It was a simple route. I mastered it in no time at all. Soon enough, they felt I was a grown lady they could trust, so my driving curfew was extended to 8pm. And the map widened with roads leading to SM Megamall and Robinson’s Galleria. I was a happy girl!

5. Studies and boys were like water and oil. No boyfriends allowed until after college. No problem. I went M.U. with this boy for 2 years in college. What was the difference?

6. When I was 20 years old and had my first boyfriend, I had the privilege of having my house curfew amended. I could now go home at 10pm! =) Be home by 12mn, and that would be as good as getting pregnant. Otherwise, then you were just probably devirginized. =)

7. Girls DON’T drive for boys. Boys drive for girls. (I wish it could be analyzed as simply as “men have penis, girls have vagina.”)

8. Movie dates with boys are not allowed for girls aged 18 and below.

9. Shorts are not allowed inside the cinema. Imagine if my mom were an owner of a movie theater, she would probably be scandalized by women wearing shorts inside a theater.

10. No to independence living. Your only ticket out of the house is a marriage contract.

As I said, I’m turning 27 on July. I’ve grown so much in the last 10 years, haven’t I? It’s irritating sometimes to think how my parents still treat me like a helpless kid who will be beaten by the brutal world without their guidance. Well, I appreciate their guidance really, but the house rules can be constricting sometimes, especially now that I’m a grown adult. I wish they could be more lenient but old folks are kind of hard to deal with now.

This is just an attempt to make fun of the regulations I had to endure when I was younger, some of which are still applicable until now. The only difference between then and now is that I used to be very compliant and passive about the restrictions, but now I am learning to work my way around the rules.

Generally, I still think my parents are great, though I often wish they have been and could be more trusting.
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