Movie Review: Spider-Man 2: Unmasking of the Superhero

Friday, July 02, 2004

I was not really a Spiderman fan but due to fortunate circumstances (which I will not tell hehehe) two tickets for the premiere showing of Spiderman 2 was delivered to our house last Tuesday. You could say the tickets almost literally fell to our laps. So Rina, unmindful of the irritating running nose, and I, happy for the free ticket, trooped to the Greenhills Theater to relax and see a movie.

Spiderman 2 for me is a rare sequel that outshines its first movie. The continuation of the plot, development and maturity of characters were clearly drawn. I liked the way Peter Parker was depicted as a more ordinary hero with human needs, weaknesses and indecisiveness. His was a realistic portrayal of a costumed action hero unmasking himself a few times when out of breath, and his costume being torn and burned in his fighting scenes.

The complicated relationship of Peter Parker and Mary Jane I guess left the viewers at the edge of their seats up to the last minute. Nevertheless, the unexpected twists in this love angle proved to be delightful and warm for the romantic freaks. In the end, when Mary Jane turned her back to a marriage she doesn’t like and opted to be with Peter despite the risks of loving a friendly neighborhood hero, we know that love really is a decision to make and live by. Cerebral love perhaps?

We get a taste of the third serving (Spiderman 3!) as Harry is shown in semi-delusion from the fact that his best friend is also Spiderman after all. The thought of his best friend killing his father gave him hallucinations of his father in a mirror exhorting revenge out of him. When Harry broke the mirror and there unveiled his dad’s array of apparatus, we definitely know we have something exciting to watch out for in Spiderman 3!

The prime villain in Spiderman 2, Doctor Octopus (right?) seemed like an anime, like one of those villains that Voltes V could easily terminate with his laser sword. But never mind that.

The unexpected revelations all spiced up the movie. Or maybe it was because I was just not familiar with the comic series. Then again, I was left clueless most of the time and kept hanging on for the next scenes to unveil. The unpredictability of it all shooed the movie away from being a dragging bore. The entangled relationship of Peter Parker with his aunt, with his love interest MJ, with Harry and also with himself all made this movie stirring and dramatic, yet still animated in the action scenes. Spiderman 2 definitely was worth the free ticket. Okay, if I bought them, it will still be worth watching. I left the movie hoping to be web-tangled again in its next sequel. Best of all, I was guilt-free because I have watched Volta already, wahahahaha!

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