Movie Review: Ella Enchanted

Ella Enchanted was one movie I was not really keen on watching. Anne Hathaway, who appears as Ella, is one actress who bores me with her antics after her spiels in The Princess Diaries. The trailer of Ella Enchanted seemed to have nothing new to offer for this teen star. But last Sunday, Rina invited me to watch it so we did. Seated in the front row was as head pounding as it can be. And since I was sleepy (I skipped siesta, imagine!), the throbbing pain in the head doubled to my disgust.

Anne Hathaway was still her old self, with her old broad smiles and old facial expressions. She managed to pull through the movie with a witty script, in my opinion. Ella was cursed in her childhood to be obedient. She could not disobey anything that she was told to do. There revolved the whole story which caused Ella her (mis)adventures. It had a very simple moral lesson in the end. There is something within us that always proves to be stronger than any curse. I call it an innate goodness in each one of us that is mightier than anything in the externals. It is our individual salvation if we listen to it closely, be aware of it and hold on to it always.

I treated the movie very lightly, listening to every line in the movie and wondering if there could be any “command” that Ella will miss along the way. Just trying to look for bloopers and yup, I found one. When both Ella and the prince fell on the ground as they clashed, the prince said, “Allow me,” and offered his assistance to help Ella on her feet. But Ella didn’t heed the command. She was so pissed that she refused to take the prince’s hand, stood on her own and dusted herself. =)

I left the theater not feeling enchanted at all, but it was definitely not so bad a movie as I expected it to be.
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  • October 24, 2004 at 7:08 PM
    NoOneYouKnow :

    i hated t his movie bec i was able to read the book before i saw the movie and it did not stick to the real story. there were no singing and dancing in the book. they twisted the plot, making the uncle the villain instead of lucinda. everything was ruined, kahit ba sabihin na natin for entertainment purposes, dapat they stuck with the story like lotr and hp.

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