A Cool Shade of Silence

originally posted at www.baddicts.com (Mar 3 '04)

The power of silence strikes me again
Mightier than the noisy pattering of rain on my roof
My old electric fan chugs in its endless turns
Yet I remain unmoved and pacified
Silence fills me with serenity
Hushing my angered veins with calmness
Overshadowing the mystery of death
Giving life to the ears of the deaf

I ponder on the preciousness of silence
Enveloping the vast, calm waves of the sea
It melts upon my dreary voice
Dawning at the words that want to come out of me

When silence moves on to lifeless bodies
When it goes over the chaos of war
When silence blankets me in my sleep
I thank God that I have silence to keep

Silence breaks the monotonous noise of life
And clears the haziness of my destiny
I stop to listen to the voice inside me
But there is nothing I can hear
No heartache to feel
Just a cool shade of silence that lulls me to an otherwise
Peaceful existentiality

I cease to resist this looming quiet fever
Just enjoying every moment of soothing silent surrender
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