Untitled Poem

Originally posted at www.baddicts.com (Feb 6 '04)

It’s cold but sweat trickles down my sides
My vision is blurry and uncertain in the light
I shut my eyes but I can’t shut the butterflies running wild
I’m grown but why do I feel like a vulnerable child?

I free my mind but thoughts come chasing me
I try to give a shrug but I just cannot let things be
I go on walking only to find myself back at the beginning
I look behind and shiver on emptiness staring at my very being

I try to maneuver time to my own rhythmic pace
But time is unforgiving and constant in its ways
It drowns me in a sea of unwanted confusion
Swallowing me to the depths of solitary dejection

Burning emotions are kept afire even in the rain
Black clouds strongly discolor the sweet hues I have gained
I look up waiting for the sun to hurt my eyes
A natural feeling of pain that will make this world just right
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