Measuring the Difference

What does age do to a person?
It seems to suck out emotion with the passing of time.
Does it make one numb to the vigors of life?
Does it accumulate dried prints of the past and make one look like a solid piece of unfeeling papier mache?
Where does age go when you leave one year behind you?

Do you know the feeling of catching up with an older age?
Because you think the age gap puts you two in different spectrums of thinking.
Because you feel emotional and he probably dismisses it as being sappy.
Because the gap creates ripples that pushes minds away from the center of compromise.
Because it takes two to tango, but if one had been ahead of ten years in the craft, then he probably knows a lot more about tangos than you do.

Why do older people demand respect and obedience other than the fact that they were born ahead of the younger generation?
If I wanted to be born earlier but can't get past through the long line of souls waiting to have a body, is it my fault?
Should I be blamed that while struggling through elementary math in my youth, the other might have been receiving a college diploma already?
Will I be penalized for my independent thinking running contrary to what I deem outdated idealisms?

How could a decade's length put two people together to share a life as equals?
Yet, how could two people together be separated by the same virtual distance?

Why am I being elusive?

I'm just asking. =)
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