Reducing Life to Simplest Terms

Life’s complexities arise primarily from intersecting trains of thought that clash at one point. When this happens, the most trivial arguments may result. In worst cases, there are devastating wars that go down the archives of history.

Luckily for me, I have never felt the urge to actually kill someone =). The world has not yet turned that crazy and I have kept my sanity intact. Still, I have had my shares of arguments and misunderstandings especially recently. What I considered a small passing thing was an eyeball-popping issue for another. In the same manner, what constituted a sit-down serious discussion for me may have just been a frivolous matter for the other person. In any case, life becomes complicated whenever two minds don’t meet. The most recent argument threw me back in my seat as I failed to fathom the magnitude of my sin. There were outbursts that were sadly unfair and somewhat inconceivable in my opinion. But more than being hurt, I suddenly felt exhausted and tired of it all.

He was angry. I was hurt. Two different people. Different upbringing and unaligned ways of thinking. What could be more complicated? It was like being injected with a genetic code of morality, molding me into another person I totally don’t know. For a while there, I lost myself. The pretty Rors who normally retaliates changed into a tight-fit costume of calmness and understanding. I remained pretty but my faculties conceded to vulnerability. I took everything in and tried to appease an angry mortal.

It does not matter what the issue was all about. What matters are the disagreements that seem to saturate daily living due to individual rationalization. At that particular instance, while the messages were filling up the inbox of my cellphone at record-breaking counts, I thought that life should not be this complicated, and can be NOT this complicated.

So I thought of reducing life to simplest terms believing that there are simple solutions to perceived complications, hah!

1. Shutdacrap when one is angry.
2. Be patient and cool.
3. Listen to and understand the other person's feelings and outbursts.
4. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. (O-ha!)
5. Count to ten before jumping into hot waters. A moment's pause is always enough for you to choose the right words to say.
6. There is always a middle ground where two points can meet.
7. If you cannot see the point at all, you can always give respect.
8. If you cannot give respect, there are always diverging roads to take.

At least for me, life can be this simple.

Now I remember why I posted one of my favorite Indigo Girls song, Least Complicated. It made me recall that the “hardest to learn is the least complicated.” It may be because we all think too hard while the answers lie (and eat dust) in our doorstep.
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