Book Review: Eleven Minutes

I find it very difficult to write about Eleven Minutes because I know I will be dealing with matters on sex, and who knows who will be able to read my stuff? Anyways, here's a try.

Eleven Minutes I think is a difficult read especially for the youngsters who believe they know everything about sex already and are in full control of their sex life but are in fact at the height of their sexual curiosity and their libidos rising almost instantly in little provocations. Paulo Coehlo's descriptive texts on sex is very dangerous because it heightens unnecessarily the curiosity of youth readers. He even vividly described the process of female masturbation. Though I honestly think this is a good book, a far cry from the preachy The Alchemist book he wrote, Eleven Minutes should be dealt with caution and deep understanding.

Maria was a Brazilian girl who wished to tread on greener pastures but ended up as a prostitute instead. She immersed herself in the sex trade while at the same time hoping she can experience true love again.

Coehlo brings us to the private thoughts of a prostitute, complete with all her frustrations, disappointments, ambitions and inner struggles. I envision the whores I always see lining the popular quezon avenue, pumping money through pumping motions. We are talking about girls who are hardly turned on anymore. They are girls who do for a living what should be a priceless act of intimacy. And yet, through Maria, we see that these girls also hope to experience orgasm, to experience the truest meaning of sex done in the context of love and intimacy, and to be touched with respect. Because after all, sex is the highest form of communication between couples.

Stories on prostitution will always be sad because sex is tainted as cheap and dirty. If for anything, I think Coehlo pushes the readers to be more understanding on prostitution and to be less judgmental to women who are in the sex trade.

Enough. Further thoughts on sex are for sale already, hahaha! BTW, why "eleven minutes"? Because Coehlo calculated eleven minutes for the whole sexual process until one reaches orgasm, not including seduction and the time it takes to remove clothes.
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