Movie Review: Bridget Jones 2

Finally, I got to watch Bridget Jones 2 (The Edge of Reason) last night with a bitchy friend. It was a pleasant change of environment, far away from the stinky and eeky (not to mention my peborit) SM City (still Da Place to Be). It was definitely worth watching, and definitely worth moving on to a better theater. The blend of comedy and serious drama into one bitchy Bridget (not you, V) was enough to keep us all glued to the screen the entire time. My friend and I had a good time laughing on several occasions while others didn’t seem to buy the British humor. Or maybe, we were just drowning their laughters with our own, hahaha!

I’ve read the book a long time ago. I don’t remember the story so I can’t do any comparison. All I remember was enjoying the book then and recommending it to my friends. The memory lapse is no big fuss because then I just got to enjoy the movie last night without having to worry if the storyline stuck it out with the book or not. It was a good movie on its own that should be given credit single-handedly. Renee was really cool as Bridget! And I could really relate with the bitchy character, plump BUT pretty, and afraid to die a spinster. And most of all, shag-freak, hahaha!

Wonder of wonders, there is a lesson to tell. Yeah, nobody is perfect, and everybody deserves a second chance, except perhaps for the despicable and hopeless Daniel Cleaver (played by Hugh Grant). We all have our personal complaints about our partners, and we could really become bitchy about it for days on end, until we fall hard on our ass and hear stories worse than our own. We come to realize that we’ve been bitching about a smudge and being completely blinded by the shimmering and glowing goodness of a person. Ahem, ahem. This is sooo not me and I don’t have to be defensive. Really, I don’t have to be defensive. I… don’t… have… to… be… de…fen…sive…

And for the girls, I’m sure everyone will agree with me that we all wish an intelligent, patient, forgiving and loving Mark Darcy will also come along our way, and fight for us in high or low waters of sixteen inches.

Five stars for Bridget, two bangs, thunderous applause, plus another round of viewing!

I'll give you three seconds to jump, Bridget. Three... you do, don't iron your hair!Bridget, don't stare at me when I'm sleeping.That's the big dipper next to the small dipper, then that's the Ursula Minor...
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