Movie Review: Before Sunset

With five new DVDs in tow, what really caught my fancy in Ate Rins’ newest additions to her collection is Before Sunset, an intellectual and very realistic romance in my opinion.

“Romance” usually springs up fairytale-like relationships with climactic kisses and grandeur background love song that sends goosebumps and shivers (and sometimes tears) to the sentimental and emotional lot. Before Sunset successfully went overboard this stereotype and presented what is for me a mature and more sober depiction of relationships.

The movie was experimentally brave with its unexciting and monotonous conversation of two people trying to rekindle a feeling of nine years past, and cramming it all up in three hours before the man (Ethan Hawke) leaves to catch a flight. Everything seems to be uneventful. The man and the woman (played by Julie Delpy) talks nonstop throughout, moving on from one topic to another with such ease and spontaneity. At first, it would seem quite boring, but what interested me was the flow of conversation that actually revealed important emotions and thoughts. Unknown to the two, they were moving on to deeper and more personal topics, that soon, they found themselves trapped in some arguments and swallowing back tears of anger or frustration. What was supposed to be a casual talk of catching up on each other became a release of various pent up emotions, silent truths and repressions. The power of dialogue!

I begin to understand one of my friend's repeatedly expressed sentiments about the importance of dialogue. And come Christmas Eve, when we had a dialoguing of all sorts, I really appreciated it.
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