Movie Review: Shall We Dance?


Shall We Dance is a lighter romance compared to A Very Long Engagement. I could still feel the kilig factor though I was feeling sleepy already.

A friend of mine doesn't agree with my interpretation, but I saw the movie as that circling on John Clark's (Richard Gere) quest for happiness. When initially we all thought he would have an affair with his dance instructor Paulina (the dashing J. Lo), and we were all questioning why he tookup dancing classes anyway and kept it a secret from his family, we later find John unraveling his deepest emotions.

At the start of the movie, John was asked by his wife (Susan Sarandon) what gift he wants, something that comes in a box, and John could not give her a ready answer. As the story progressed, we find John suddenly and surprisingly preoccupied with his dancing lessons. He would practice everywhere to perfect the art. He found his happiness there, which to his thinking, would hurt his family. He was wrong because his family loved and supported him. For the first time, his wife was able to give him something wonderful that comes in a box -- dancing shoes.

On the side, there were other men who enrolled at the same time as John. They all enjoy ballroom dancing but are hiding their passion in one way or another, all covered up with own insecurities. It's not always easy to be happy, but sometimes, you just have to plunge head on to what you like and disrobe yourself from all inhibitions.

It's a wonderful story! I like this film. J.Lo's butt is groovy! There is love, happiness and individuality in dancing. You listen to your own music in life and you groove your way to it. And when you strut your stuff, do it for the whole world to see.

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