Movie Review: Hitch

Hitch is your typical romantic comedy film that would elicit laughters from you in the most unexpected moments and shoot you straight in the heart with its piercing dialogues. There's an adult-like kilig factor if there's such a thing.

Hitch (played by sexy Will Smith) is a professional matchmaker who was able to help a lot of men already woo the ladies of their dreams. His latest client was the ordinary guy, Alex, who didn't know how to at least get to talk to the famous and wealthy Allegra, the woman he loved the most. Hitch helped Alex by giving him crash lessons on self-confidence, and teaching him the ABC's of romantic dating, dancing and practically all the nitty-gritty details of courting. You know when kissing, men should go 90% and women 10%, hehehe!

While helping Alex, Hitch fell in love with the journalist Sara who turned out to be investigating his erstwhile dirty profession as a "love doctor." Hitch found himself at a loss, not knowing how to handle his feelings for Sara despite his "expertise" in the courting craft. After advising several of his clients to stand up for their women, exude an aura of confidence and speak out what seems to be unspeakable, it finally became one big living irony when he asked Sara to literally close the door of her apartment so he could pour out to Sara his deepest emotions.

Hitch may pass for just another romance comedy starring Will Smith but with a very special participation of his voluptuous and deliciously full lips . It's all about dealing with relationships and realizing that with love, there is no such thing as been-there-done-that. Love could defy even the so-called adept matchmakers. Love could falter on intelligent minds and otherwise matured thinking. You might not be able to hit on love, but love will hit you! Yebah! Alex would gladly tell us all that we just have to be ourselves always, while Allegra would expect all of us to be just like that. Go get Hitched! It's a good film to catch. =)
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