Life is Funny

Shattered dreams
and bleeding hearts

Broken glasses
tearing us apart

Gloomy days
and bright nights

Life isn't always right

Sudden turns
and twists of fate

Hate to love
then love to hate

Stars falling
from the sky

Life makes us heave a sigh

Strangers meet
and friendship blooms

Lonely deaths
coming too soon

Wishes forgotten
thrown into the sea

Life isn't always what you want to see

A smile on your face
with tears to follow

Change of phases
and a mask to borrow

Tomorrow brings forth
still a box of mystery

Who knows what's inside
Life is funny

December 21, 1997

I found this poem while trying to clean up some mess. It's a poem I wrote for someone back in college. 1997 pa o, hehe. Baduy!
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