Review: Whose Wife Is It Anyway

As they always say, one lie would lead to another. And that certainly caused the two hours of nonstop laughter last night at Greenbelt Onstage. Repertory Philippines offers its latest production for the summer, an adaptation of Whose Wife Is It Anyway but with distinct Filipino humor. Fabricating lies becomes an art to this congressman in his attempt to hide his adulterous mischiefs. His assistant, a novice liar and pathetic mama's boy is pitiably (I mean, hilariously) dragged to the scene to help cover the series of unfortunate events that ensued. The lies grew out of hand and increasingly unbelievable, and more and more people got involved, all to the audience's delight!

Seasoned Rep actors were a sight to watch. Miguel Faustmann and Joy Virata were reliably funny as always. Joel Trinidad was the bomb! He just keeps getting better and better, and more handsome in every play. Pheona Baranda surprised me with a surprising act but I won't tell. Snob will watch.

When's my next free ticket? ;-)
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