Junk Males

Sad to say that the fragrant world of ladies like me are marred with the foul smell of junk males, the curse to the male society. I have met some of them in one way or another and they are really worthy to be fed wholly to the alligators. These stupid men don't know how to treat us ladies with the highest respect, and truly they don't deserve another second on earth. Either they are plain stupid or their two hard heads just got mixed up. In the case of rubbish junk males, "two heads are better than one" definitely does not apply.

The Headless Father
Junk male #1 is all libido and no brain. He got this girl pregnant and ran scared shit of fatherly responsibilities. God knows where his cock is left to run loose now after seven years of ignoring his beautiful daughter. When the mother asks for child support, he would regularly complain of his parents not having enough to sustain his love child. Wait, who's the father again? Perhaps his brains and ears are too clouted with his own semen that blocks his otherwise right thinking. Now I don't care to whom or where he releases his satisfaction but he better start acting like a real loving father. Ok, scrap the loving bit but he could at least give an adequate monetary support. Duh!

Step No, Step Yes
Junk male #2 is known to give special attention to a girl, send her sweet nothings through SMS, invite her out to dates, give her material things with no special occasions then just suddenly leave with a very flimsy excuse. If the guy is just trying to play with the girl's feeling or is simply fickle-minded is beyond my pretty comprehension. But in any case, the ineptitude brought by his childish mind or tiny head should not be displaced to the girls and be unfairly led on.

The Adulterous
Junk male #3 just can't zip up for good after tying the knot with the wifey. Worse, he screws around while his naive wife is at work. And worsT, he doesn't work. Go fish!

No Balls, No Glory
Junk male #4 is so stuffed in his head and wallet alright, but his balls are lost together with his guts. He goes down on his knees with a shiny ring for the girl he adores, then just as soon as takes back the proposal before they can exchange I do's. His balls went rolling down the scary hill. And the girl I must say fell on much better hands.

There will always be boys who think that cocks rule the world. They could go on with their insensitivities and hurt the poor girls. What's a delight to know is that despite the cluttered junk males around town, there are still wise gals who know just when to empty the trash bin. Way to go!
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