I really think watching scary movies like Shutter is more enjoyable when you're with good company. I've tried watching horrors alone but then you could only be silently scared. Your seatmates would laugh at you when you scream, or when your popcorn suddenly explodes from an adrenalin rush. It's like any outward emotions would be tantamount to your eccentricity. Like if you read a book alone in the park, and you laugh or scream on what you're reading, the passersby would surely think you're some kind of nuts.

I want to be given a good scare, and that's one reason I like watching horrors. At the same time, such films are always amusing for me when you come to think of the absurdities of the plot, maybe together also with its impossibilities. Tina and I felt uncertain whether to laugh or be scared out of our wits. Maybe we screamed on cue when ghosts popped out of the huge screen at times we least expected them. We even bumped our heads once when we got scared and ducked to cover our eyes. But that's just a second of freaking out that's immediately replaced by chuckles and snorts.

Last night made me think I really enjoy watching scary movies, hehe. It's a good thrill, like a roller coaster ride.
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