Corrections please

I can’t help it. I wanna unleash some uncalled for bitchiness because I’m silently irked with the mistakes I’ve been reading repeatedly in our badminton forum. I don’t claim to know it all, but at least I want to say the things I know for a fact:

1. Queuing is spelled like so, with one E between two U’s. It came from the word queue. If you want to add -ing at the end to make it a gerund or a present progressive verb, please drop the second E. It is sinful in English to spell it as queueing, or queing.

It applies to other words ending in ue. Argue becomes arguing; continue becomes continuing. What makes it different with queue and queuing???

2. It’s a happy world when one wins a game because there’s a small margin for confusion. The trouble begins in losing. I get really lost when I read “we lose” or “we loss.” Yes, after tossing, it is said to have been tossed. But after losing, it doesn’t mean you lossed! Get lost! And please don’t tell me you loose because that makes you a double loser! Yes, looser too!

3. We are a friendly badminton group helping each other improve our games. You can always ask us for an advice or pieces of advice, but forgive us if we cannot give you adviceS. If it’s advisable that you learn the proper footwork to quickly get to the shuttle with ease, it is definitely not adviceable, neither is it advicable! And lastly, please be advised that you are not being adviced!

4. Regarding the fact that the prefix ir- and the suffix -less are both negative affixes, it is safe to disregard -ir and just say regardless, regardless of how disregarding is the matter. Okay, since the word irregardless has been annoying me for a long time, I surfed on the net and found out it has become acceptable but is actually not a correct usage in formal writing. Why, isn’t it just absurd to attach 2 affixes with much less the same meaning in one word?

5. Do not spoil an occasion with an extra S. One S will always be enough.

There. I just want to let that all out of me.
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