A Material World

She’s in third year high school already. So that makes her around 15 or 16 years old. She’s old enough to know better. People her age are starting to develop crushes and experience crying over their first heartaches in life. But the material girl is still a child, and she cried over a cellphone she could not afford. She cried in front of me.

She was one big heavyweight girl, big frame and limbs, tall and unpoised; everything about her was big except for her teeny weeny brain which could not ingest simple ideas of practicality and frugality. Imagine a crying giant in front of you. The scene was totally ugly! It was so unbelievable! I was so pissed with her crying that my pakialamera button went on again and her mother sure got a good verbal beating of my piece of mind.

Her money was not enough to buy the brand new Nokia 6020 I was selling. And when her mother refused to lend her some for what she lacked, she cried. As the girl went to one corner with shoulders shaking in deep frustration, I told the mom that her daughter should learn that she could not have everything she wants at her whim. She was old enough to know better than to cry over a petty thing, especially that she has a phone already, what need does she have for a second one? The giant girl even challenged her mom, “Wala raw pera pero maya-maya lang pupunta yan ng SM o.” Oh yes! The world has gone crazy, and the mother went through hell and back to get the sum needed.

Why o why? The world has gone terribly materialistic with a surplus of mothers unfit for the roles they sadly carry for life. Pity the crying giant. Pity the loving mom who doesn’t realize the harm she does to her child. Pity this materialistic world.
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