30 Things I’m Curious About

1. The feeling of actually being afloat in water (I don’t know how to swim)
2. being a popular figure, with everyone staring at me wherever I go
3. the magnified sound of a heartbeat under a stethoscope
4. having big boobs
5. the whole sexy package – never having to worry about flattening the tummy and toning the abs, having long and slender legs, and inevitably being comfy in a two-piece suit on the beach!
6. on the corollary, eating to my heart’s content without worrying about my figure
7. being a genius with superior IQ, with fast and easy comprehension, something I could probably also pass on to my offspring
8. what prostitutes feel having sex for trade; sex becomes work rather than a means of physical pleasure
9. flying like a bird, plane or superman!
10. what thoughts would race in my head on the verge of death
11. having a twin; to actually talk to someone of my mirror image. Talk about putting myself on another’s shoes
12. the other half of a Siamese twin, attached forever to another body
13. circumcision, erection and ejaculation
14. to be accused falsely and waste my lifetime in prison
15. gunshot
16. how autistics or mongoloids feel and think
17. I wonder what it’s like to be pimple-free
18. what it’s like to be right-handed like most people
19. the feeling of an unborn child waking me up at night with a kick in my stomach
20. weightlessness in space, like swimming on air
21. an heiress who never has to worry about money again
22. never felt wasted so I wonder what the feeling’s like
23. winning big time in a lottery
24. the feeling of diving fins on my feet propelling me in water
25. life after death
26. wearing a cast
27. losing pride in mendicancy
28. balancing myself on a bicycle (don’t know how to ride it)
29. the adrenalin rush of free fall in sky diving and bungee jumping
30. touching the clouds
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