Indigo Girls

The Indigo Girls is one of the best lyricists for me. When I'm not listening to hiphop, I can listen to this duo's country songs. I like their songs so much that even if I'm such a cheapo and won't buy any orig cds, I bought Indigo Girl's Retrospective Album some years back. It probably remains as the only cd I own to this day, haha. And now, thanks to a friend who tipped me, I've downloaded their latest album, Despite Our Differences. It has 13 good songs all with very poetic lyrics that's sure to hit every listener's core. The songs center mostly on the daily routines of living and loving. I bet most everyone could relate to them, even send you staring in the horizons for a minute there while you contemplate on your own life.

I only know of two avid listeners of the Indigo Girls, other than me. I guess the singing duo is not that popular here. After all, their songs aren't really mainstream. But just for the heck of telling, it's what I'm currently listening to.
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