Christmas Glitch

When a movie is rated PG13, why would you tag along your toddlers inside the cinema? Then you expect the rest of the audience to tolerate your children’s irritating whimpers? And you also expect the audience to keep their tempers in check while your children tirelessly kick on our backseats?

The logic is so lost in the minds of these unfortunate souls. Of course these children don’t care about what’s going on in the big screen! Do these parents expect them to sit idly for 2 hours til the movie finishes? Of course they can’t. Children have short attention spans. When they get bored, they run around, pull your hair and talk gibberish. But the point here is, if you don’t have anyone to leave your children with while you go and watch a movie, then don’t watch a movie at all! Or if you insist on bringing them along, then be responsible for them. If they start to disturb the other viewers and you can’t control them, then pretty please escort them out of the movie house. Don’t keep your eyes glued to the screen as if nothing’s happening. It makes you look stupid. And don’t think that an apology is enough either. You didn’t even do something about the situation. How stupid is that?

Stupido! I called him that, and half-expected a riot to ensue. Good thing he didn’t even lift a finger on me. He and his equally stupid wife just went on loudly whispering how some viewers could be so hard to please. Excuse me! You’re the ones who don’t listen to reason. I pity your three kids to have to grow up with parents like you. A lot of childless couples out there better deserve to rear your kids than be stuck with you.

My bf asked the guard to tell these two that they are disturbing the audience. They in turn just moved two or three seats away. Hello? I had to put up with their uncontrollable children for the rest of the movie.
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