First Christmas Together

This year proved to be quite eventful for me if only for the fact that I finally stripped off my fears and went ahead to jump in another relationship. For the third time. It’s been several months now and the big changes are still rubbing on me. And though everything’s not as smooth-sailing as I wanted it to be (damnation to the frolic gossipers!), we’re doing good, thank you.

I dreamt of marrying my first s.o. in my younger days, just like what happened to my mother. But time and experience told me it’s not that simple. My past two relationships lasted for some years before the unfortunate breakups, so that now I’m starting to feel the exhaustion of it all. For this third time, even with some initial hesitations, I decided to go for it again.

It was a difficult process for me, really, especially since some people were hurt along the way. But I came to this point where I know that I just have to think of myself for now and live by the decision I made.

And so, this will be our first Christmas together. No, I’m honestly not expecting something grand to happen. I’m just in this mixed state of disbelief, contentment and joyful hoping for better things to come.

Big changes. They happen at the most unexpected moments.
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