(Book Review) Don't Judge a Book By Its Cover

I read self-help books once in a while. Every time I try to read one, I always think that being pushed to a certain level of discomfort and discontent are essential in gauging a book’s effectiveness. This is because a self-help book I presume must aim to move the readers to be a better person. And this is what sets apart Bo Sanchez from the other authors. Bo is an effective writer. His books are all written in plain and simple English, yet he makes BIG sense. He can make you stop in your tracks for a while and reflect on your life. He can make you nod your head vigorously in absolute agreement.

I got to read Rhonda Byrnes’ highly sensationalized book, The Secret. It’s a good book, no doubt. But in my opinion, everything that Rhonda said, we already know. More than its content, what fascinated me is the marketing people behind this publication. The title alone, The Secret, is enough to pluck the curiosity of the readers. And the way the book was written, it’s as if the “secret” which has been kept clandestine since the days of Albert Einstein has now made its grand revelation through the author. Kudos to the marketing team. But in my opinion, this book is just a hype and is overpriced. Never mind the glossy pages.

Then I picked up Bo Sanchez’, 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. This is just half the price of The Secret. Yet I noticed in every chapter the striking similarities of the two books. In essence, the law of attraction that The Secret is underscoring is also told in Bo Sanchez’ book, and is told more emphatically, if not more effectively.

What I like about Bo Sanchez is that he writes concisely yet he injects good reasoning. Take for example his advice on giving 10% of your income to your church, otherwise called tithing. I was never in favor of being required by my religion to give tithe. Bo doesn’t impose on the action too. But out of all the people I asked why tithe must be given, Bo is the only person who didn’t use bible verses to justify it! Instead, he explained that by giving 10% of what you earn, you create a vacuum that must necessarily be filled. Anything that’s void will be naturally filled. And the vacuum sucks in three times more. Aliw!

I’ve also read Robert Kiyosaki’s Rich Dad, Poor Dad. It’s all about making money work for you. It’s about 500+ pages worth of reading and in essence, he’s just telling the same things which Bo managed to explain quite simply and direct-to-the-point in 8 Secrets of the Truly Rich. Learning about passive income, linear versus exponential income, the money market, and different types of investments. Yaiks! It’s overwhelming.
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