Three Chapters Everyday

I once told myself that I will write for Youngblood before I reach 30, and I did. At another time, I said I wanted to learn how to commute and overcome my fears in taking public rides, and I did. I said I wanted to join a marathon, and I did (even if I only joined the 5km-run hehe) But now one friend of mine is suggesting a different challenge. When asked for advice on how to overcome my depression, she advised me to go to mass and to read the bible. Read the bible. She told me that I should read the bible everyday. Ok, she inserted the word "TRY." Try to read the bible everyday. She even attempted to inspire me by saying that if I read three chapters everyday I would have read the bible in one year! Ah, it's not an easy dare. Just sizing up the thickness of this book with my thumb and index finger is giving me the creeps already. I only opened the bible as part of reading requirements in theology classes in school. I couldn't recall anymore the passages I used to memorize just to pass my exams.

For a while there, I forgot about my depression and just thought about taking up on the challenge. Do I want to die without having read the bible? Maybe I could add this up to the list of things I want to do before I die. I'm still thinking about it. Three chapters before I sleep. Hmmmm.
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