Losing Weight

I have a month left to achieve that perfect figure before I slip into my bridesmaid gown. I've been gyming (an invented term I'm fond of using to mean working out in the gym) for two months now yet my body seems uncooperative. I lost two pounds since I last weighed. But now I think I gained a pound back. My weight's as swingy as my mood. I lose one or two pounds, then gain it back easily before I can even jump in ecstasy. Trimming down for my friend's upcoming wedding is just a small thing though. I just want to feel good and feel pretty on that day :) But more importantly than that, I'm gyming because I'd like to take care of my health. I want to feel good about myself. I hate the feeling of getting tired easily, or feeling heavy. I want to stay fit for as long as I can.

Sadly, I think it's in my genetic makeup to get fat. I look at my mom and her sisters (my aunts) and it always brushes my head that I'll grow older to be like them (size-wise). I haven't even been to child labor yet I'm having a hard time trimming my tummy now. I've complained endlessly of exhausting all means of abdominal exercises available in the gym. I guess some of us are just not born to be sexy babes. Maybe some fats are more stubborn than the others. Wearing a two-piece suit in the beach may forever remain a dream.

I don't sweat easily, and I think this poses as one hindrance in losing weight. Sometimes I envy the people around me who could easily break into a sweat during a physical activity. During cold, rainy days, I can get tired from playing badminton without sweating that much. When gyming or jogging, I still have to wear a sweater. I have read conflicting information in the internet about sweating and I don't know what to believe anymore. There's one saying that people who don't sweat easily are not healthy people. Haller?? I'm healthy, excuse me. My gym instructor adds that fats are burned only through sweat, so it's a must to perspire to burn those calories. Still, there's another I've read that says it doesn't matter if I don't sweat much for as long as I feel body tiredness from a workout. Whatever. I'm still in the game of losing weight. Even if I never attain that va-va-voom figure, I'll be happy to merely lose 5lbs. There are no signs of bailing out.
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