Thirty One is a Lot to Count

So I turned 31. Things weren't very ok at home so I decided to skip the traditional dinner we usually have whenever someone in my family turns a year older. The world went on its silent turning as I added another year in my life. I was happy to be simply remembered by friends who really are special to me.

Without really planning it to be, my birthday turned out to be a two-day special for me and bf. We watched Poohkwang on Saturday night at the Music Museum. It was topbilled by two prime comedians, Pooh and Pokwang. The two-and-a-half hour show filled with crazy antics by these two performers was really worth the money we paid them for. We were laughing all throughout! Pokwang's great dancing was a revelation. And the two comedians could really sing. Although Erik Santos' halftime belting stint was a bit off tangent from the whole, his singing prowess made his appearance quite forgivable. Come Sunday, bf picked me up for a one big Let's Wing It Day. He didn't pop some flowers this time. I told him to skip it. But now I think I change my mind. I want flowers after all, haha! I never realized I'll miss what I once considered corny. Regrets are always a tad too late. Anyways, Sunday was rainy and romantic in its own right. Winging a birthday celebration included lunch in a Japanese resto and a burger meal for dinner. We watched Mamma Mia in an old cinema with seats that didn't have cupholders on the armrests (Imagine!) while munching on overly salted popcorn. The movie was good. Although I'm not that fond of Abba songs, I was amazed at Meryl Streep's versatility. I got home just a little before midnight, before the night patrols come looking for the missing chick. After all, even at 31, nothing's changed. :)

Ah, what's with the numbers? It was only yesterday that I was a shy seven year old enjoying a role-playing game with my sister. And now 31 sounds like a lot to count. It's too heavy and grand and overbearing.
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