Mumay's First Field Trip

Let me introduce Mumay. She's our baby lhasa apso. A lot of people think she's a shih tzu, but she's not, okay?! She's grown markedly in only a month's time that she's been with us. She's much heavier now and eats a lot. The previous dogs we owned were all daunted in climbing our staircase, and Mumay was no exception. In the first few days she would cry a lot in fear of taking those steps to reach us upstairs. She slipped down a couple of times and slammed her fragile body against the door behind. But she's so brave and didn't stop trying. In no time at all, she is now climbing our stairs confidently. And she's only three months old! Hay, I'm so proud.

Going down is another feat. She will take it one step at a time at first. Then, she will rush on in her last few steps ostentatiously and will beam at me with pride. Yay, that's my girl!

Mumay had her third vaccine and first antirabies shot yesterday. She got Royal Canin doggie treats and a new bowl from her vet (thanks!!). Afterwards, we brought her to U.P. for her first taste of the outside world. Too bad we weren't able to take videos of her but she was so fun to look at. She instinctively sniffed her new surroundings with caution and stayed close to us. But she warmed up fast and was soon chasing us around. She would also chase after the joggers and bikers around her!

Our baby got tired easily. We set home after giving her water. And then we realized that she dirtied her feet for the first time. She's been used to walking on clean floors only. So we wiped clean her paws before allowing her to climb up the bed. She immediately fell asleep after her dinner, obviously tired. It was a long day for Mumay but she was so happy! :)
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