25 Things

I found this 25 Things list on my draft that I never got to post in Facebook. I'll just post it here since I find Facebook boring lately.

1. I'm the youngest among 3 siblings. Meaning, I lived on hand-me-down's and was pushed over too many times. :)
2. I find running therapeutic (and addicting). I always aim to beat my personal record.
3. I started drinking coffee in college just to stay up late to study for accounting. The late night studies were fruitless, but I caught the caffeine addiction.
4. I think I'm the only leftie with no talent in drawing (or any artistic abilities).
5. I love watching tennis. I love Rafael Nadal. He is out to win the US Open this year! 4 grand slams, baby!
6. I'm forever trying to lose 5 more lbs. Please naman o.
7. FF's Bodypump is the best!
8. I think hair rebonding is god's greatest gift to women. Gone are the bad hair days.
9. I'm into cardmaking and cross stitching. I collect craft punchers and scissors. I love browsing in craft stores too.
10. I've been told one too many times to reshape my eyebrows. Ayaw!
11. It is disheartening to see books without plastic covers. Kawawa naman sila! I also don't like books getting spine creases and dog ear marks. Aray!
12. I haven't been to Boracay. Hopefully this year! With a very special love! (Hello, John Lloyd?)
13. I contributed to Inquirer's Youngblood just because I want to see my writing published. It was printed on Sep 1, 2005.
14. I had my share of mischief in school . I was denied an academic recognition because of misbehavior. Happened once or twice.
15. I'm frustrated with origami. I still wish I could do all those complicated folds I see in the internet.
16. I can't swim or ride a bike.
17. I learned how to ride a public jeep and MRT over a year ago. Very liberating!
18. Mark Darcy is my ideal guy.
19. I want to meet an August Boatwright, a Hiro, and a Bruce Wayne.
20. I'm bad with directions. I get lost just driving to Mall of Asia. I hate driving altogether. I'd rather be sleeping in the passenger seat.
21. Mustache and chest hairs are sexy! :D
22. I'm still learning how to apply my own makeup, and how to walk on heeled shoes. :*)
23. Never cried in movies or books.
24. I love anything potato. (Mashed potato, potato salad, potato chips, french fries...). I love siomai, yang chow, and chili sauce.
25. We live in a material world. So for my upcoming birthday, please get me a leather case and an armband for my iPod touch, a Garmin watch or any pedometer, an outdoor backpack, Sanuk Scribble (size 5 please), an ebook reader, and Nokia E63.
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