Wallet Tag!

I've been tagged for the first time, I think. Here are the rules:

1) take pictures of your wallet and its content
2) talk about how you got your wallet and how much you paid for it
3) enumerate the contents and tell a few things about them
4) pass this tag to the rest of your friends

My wallet is a black Lacoste made of canvas. My mom gave it to me maybe three years ago. It's two-fold with an outer pocket for coins. I use this mainly for my money although I store a few cards here also. I have a separate Kipling wallet that holds some of my other cards.

I'm probably a minimalist as there is nothing much I can share about the contents of my wallet, except for these:

1) two ATM cards which I hardly use. I am not much of a spender, really.

2) two Powerbooks gift cards worth P500 each. My sis gave it to me but I still don't know what books to get, although I'm thinking of getting Malcolm Gladwell's The Tipping Point and The Outliers.

3) my Fitness First membership card. Yup, I workout regularly. I just renewed for another year, in fact.

4) my driver's license which will expire in a few months. Yay! Excited to get a new one.

5) a calendar which I use mainly to track my monthly period.

6) a supplementary Shell-Citibank credit card which I don't use anymore. I prefer Petron and Caltex lately.

7) and lastly, a keycard. It's my car's spare key. I accidentally locked my key inside the car once. Super hassle!

I have a pic of me and my s.o. inside my wallet also but I opted not to show it anymore. It was taken right after one of the marathon events we joined. That's it! I don't know yet who to tag since my followers are a handful for the meantime.

Thanks, utotmopink! This was cool!
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