My Mt. Pulag Experience


So here I am trying to recount my own story of climbing Mt. Pulag two months after our descent. I've since written several drafts but none of it seemed to perfectly convey how I really felt. I try again this time once more with renewed inspiration after reading my friend's post.

I joined the climb out of impulse, with nary an expectation, no idea of what will happen or what I will really see. I was cramming up to the last minute, borrowing items left and right, and buying stuff I decided I needed. But none of it prepared me for the actual events that transpired. The trek was bearable although really tiring. The Ambangeg trail we took was for beginners so there were hardly any steep inclines except for that uphill to Campground 2. Maybe I am not one who perspires easily because my shirt was dry all the time. But I felt the strains taking its toll on my legs and shoulders (I had 3 liters of water in my backpack, a totally bad idea!).

We stayed overnight in the campground before trekking anew to the summit. They were not exaggerating about the freezing cold temperature. The cold winds were finding its way through my 3 layers of shirts, 1 sweater, and thermal jacket! It was doubly cold at the top when we got there at dawn. I waited for sunrise to come while trying to fiddle my camera but I could not feel my fingers.

And then there it was. The sun slowly crept in. Everyone started clicking away , but nothing could fully capture that magnificent view. I realized then that I was above a vast sea of clouds. I was in heaven! I never thought I will reach it in my lifetime but I did. I am not a very religious person, but at that particular moment I silently asked, "Are you there, God?" It is my most intimate date with Him so far.

The sun cast its rays on the mountains that seemed to roll on without end. People started their way down back to the campsite for breakfast. I followed behind while taking careful steps on the rough and uneven trail. I conquered Mt. Pulag.
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