ZORRO of UP (Photohunt 1: Protection)


A disguise is anything that hides our real appearances. It conceals our real identities for self-protection. Superheroes hide behind masks; so do robbers who sneak inside our houses at night, or those who seize banks upfront in daylight. In this photo is a man who is only known as the Zorro of UP. This is his regular costume as he walks around the academic oval of the university. No one has really seen him yet without his mask. He is very harmless and quite patriotic judging from his cape, which is actually a Philippine flag. He is very friendly, albeit with obvious mental incapacity. The regular joggers are used to him and will sometimes give him food. If he is in the mood, he will engage in a conversation with people around. I have yet to hear what he has to say about our country.

Then again, not all disguises could be captured by my camera. There are those in MalacaƱang and in the congress who wear invisible disguises. You will neither see their masks or real faces. Now that's unbelievable! I'm sure it cost them a fortune.

I'm tagging Daday and Elaine!
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