Paw (Photohunt 2: Walking)

This was taken 2 months ago when my dog had her first grooming. Her butt was shaved, ears plucked of unwanted hairs, and her paws trimmed. It was so cute that I took this picture.

The foot of any mammal is called a paw. It basically looks the same in any animal, with four small pads with a toe each, and one big metacarpal pad in the middle. A bear or panda may have five or six small pads however. The pads are soft yet tougher than human feet. It cushions every step and reduces friction when walking. This is why I find it absurd to see some owners making their dog wear shoes. It may be cute to look at, but what they don't know is that their pet finds it harder to balance itself in its every stride.

And this is the reason also why we regularly groom our dog. The hairs around her paws are trimmed so she can walk better without slipping. :)

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