Maricar Reyes Part 3 Video

The Hayden Kho sex scandal videos are still on a roll! Maricar Reyes' Part 3 video is out for the world to see! In a matter of a few hours, the hits rose from 3,000 to 30,000! This time, the part 3 video of Maricar Reyes gives a new and fresh twist to the whole fiasco. Why? Because Maricar was fully aware that she was being filmed. Hayden Kho would even reach for the cam once in a while to fix the angle and bring focus to the sexual act. How could the girls defend themselves now in saying they did not know they were being filmed?

The installment release of these sex scandal videos seems to be masterplanned! I will not be surprised if more videos will come out soon. We all thought it will stop after the much sensationalized senate hearing and face to face appearance of Hayden Kho and Katrina Halili. But no. The mastermind seems unfazed and undaunted by it all. With the release of the Maricar Trilogy videos, I think the mastermind is up to some big time personal vengeance.

And as for Maricar Reyes, it is no wonder she is not showing herself up to support Katrina Halili and the women's cause in general. She knew she was being filmed for goodness sake! And the saga continues my friends hahaha!
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