Globe Run for Home on July 19!


I will run again on July 19! It will be for Globe's Run For Home charity event. Proceeds will help fund the ongoing project of Habitat for Humanity in building homes in Calauan, Laguna. Besides my love for running, I'm excited about the disposable electronic chip that will be first used here. It allows participants to track their own times more accurately from start to finish.

I have been joining running events for more than a year now. Many runners like me get fulfillment from beating their personal records which is why getting an accurate time is so important to them. And this is also why I am eager to try using this innovative chip. Based on my past experience, participants would complain about discrepancies from their own watch as against the official race results. A time difference of a few minutes is a big deal. Such discrepancies are sometimes due to human error at the finish line.

The outpour of finishers causes a hold up or bottle neck as a race representative peels off stubs from the race bibs one by one. These are placed on top of one another in order of who came in first. At the same time, there is another representative whose sole duty is to jot down the clock times. With the use of the chip, I hope I will not see this rudiment scene anymore.

Globe Run for Home will be held in The Fort and offers four categories in 3km, 5km, 10km and 21km. I will try to beat my own time in 5km again. My last official race was last March in Botak's Paa-bilisan held in UP. I finished in 32 minutes. Hopefully, I can make it in 30 minutes flat this time.

Meanwhile, I'm also trying to level up to 10km. As a stepping stone, I registered first for Botak's Paa-tibayan on August under the 5 mile (8km) category.

Wish me luck! I love to run, and it's nice to be back again after a while. So see you all in Globe Run for Home! July 19 people!

(Image above lifted from the official website of Globe Run for Home)
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