Juan Martin Del Potro is THE MAN! (US Open 2009 Men's Singles Champion)

Juan Martin Del Potro is the man!!! He is now USD 1.6M richer as he clinched the trophy of the US Open Men's Finals this morning. It was simply amazing! I was awoken at 5AM to catch it on live streaming in the internet but sleep got the better of me. I'm so thankful that a replay of this historic match came an hour after the live telecast and so I was able to watch it wide-eyed this time (LOL).

Interestingly, Roger Federer has been dominating the first two sets. On the live chat box beside the live streaming window, viewers were commenting at how great Roger Federer was. At the same time, they were jeering Juan Martin Del Potro, while predicting on how Federer will win the game. Some said that Federer will pounce on Del Potro on the last and deciding set with a 6-0 score. Others predicted that Del Potro will succumb to fatigue and retire. These guys belittled the spirit and talent of the twenty year old lad from Argentina. And he proved them all wrong in the end.

Del Potro was clearly the underdog as he stepped for the first time in the stadium for a finals match with no less than the number one seed to contend with. He was trying to snitch away from Federer a sixth title from the US Open tournament. It seemed a very hard battle to conquer, if not impossible. His inexperience for such great pressure was sure to get on his nerves and affect his composure in the game. And this was exactly what happened in the first set. But Del Potro proved to be made of tougher fibers. Slowly but surely, he was able to force Federer to play a fifth and deciding set, to Federer's disbelief.

And thus happened what many of us thought Del Potro could not do -- He made history by causing one of the greatest upsets in tennis by downing Federer in the fifth set at 6-2, and finally clinching the title! Awesome game!!! Hats off to Federer for that tremendous display of never-say-die rallies he exchanged with Del Potro. He remains one of the best players in tennis history with 15 grand slams so far under his belt. But today, in the US Open 2009, the spotlight is on Del Potro! I look forward to seeing him in his best form in the future grand slams!
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