Noynoy Will Run for President!


And so a whole new ball game begins! Noynoy Aquino finally expressed this morning his intention to run for president next year. It is his response to the public clamor and he feels it his obligation to face this challenge and run for the highest position of the land.

Just a few months back, Noynoy Aquino's name would not have been brought up even in hindsight as one of the possible contenders in the presidential race. But after his mother, Cory Aquino's death just last August, the wind changed direction and blew it on Noynoy's head.

I reserve further comments regarding Noynoy's chances of winning the elections next year. It's enough to say that there are so many months ahead to gear up on his campaign and go out of the shadow of his parents. It is time to draft a plan and let us all know how he intends to lift the Philippines out of the quicksand.

Today, I realize that Cory Aquino's death is timely, in the sense that it roused once more in the nation a deep yearning for change of governance. After the patriarch and matriarch have fallen, it is time for the son to continue the fight. It is perhaps the Aquino's destiny really to serve the country to no end. But then I also realize that we cling too much on the Aquinos. We expect them always to be in the forefront of events when the going gets tough.

I believe that there are other presidential candidates equally worthy of serving the country. They are also dedicated to public service and of sound moral character. They may just be of a different surname.

I am not against Noynoy. In fact, I'm also thinking of casting my vote for him. All I'm saying is that we seem to be so emotional right now with all the recent happenings that we have to give time also for proper discernment. After all, amidst all our cries for change of governance, we must remember that we were the ones who instated all those public officials in power, be it through our votes or failure to vote. So for the meantime, maybe we should sit back and relax at first, and listen to what Noynoy (and the other candidates) will promise us. Hopefully in next year's elections we will be more careful with our choices.

But if I may give Noynoy a personal message, I say thank you for standing up to take the reigns of your parents. You gave a reason for Filipinos to hope anew. It will not be an easy task ahead of you, and for that alone, you are very admirable. You are definitely a far cry from those who label your spiritual retreat as "gimmickry."
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